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Before and after refurbishments


Our properties

We bought our first property in 2006 followed by our first investment property in 2007. With the market changing dramatically at this time, deals were springing up everywhere but funding them was much harder! In the years proceeding the crash, we were able to do some fabulous deals but invested in a more traditional manner of waiting for the capital growth, refinance and then reinvest. 

However between the years of 2016 - 2019 we decided to take our knowledge further and signed up to several professional property training programs learning in more detail
strategies such as Buy to Sell, HMOs, Deal sourcing, working with JV partnerships and raising private finance.
This enabled us to scale up as professional investors buying much higher cash flowing assets such as HMOs. The importance of providing quality accommodation and a great service to our tenants was not to be forgotten as we moved the business up a notch! Our refurbishments were to be nothing less than spot on with attention to detail making our houses stand out from the crowd and therefore easily obtaining the highest rents in the area.

Check out some of our refurbishments here 

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