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Us as landlords

We value our tenants

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Happy tenants make a happy business! There is nothing better than hearing one of  our customers saying how happy they are in one of our houses.

In our HMO properties our tenants make friendships and enjoy each others company. We try to encourage the community feel by providing good social spaces including a great garden to enjoy bbq's in the summer months together. 
'Our experience has shown that taking the time to get to know our tenants and making sure you put a similar demographic of tenant in the house, ultimately makes a much happier home to live in. In the single let properties we encourage families and we allow pets as we are huge animal lovers ourselves and know the benefits pets can bring as companions.'

We manage a small selection of landlords properties in Folkestone, Ashford and surrounding areas. 
Get in touch to see if we can help you with a hands off portfolio. 

HMO management from 12% pcm
Single let management 10% pcm 

Louise 07771 661 297 

Some of the comments from our tenants

I want to thank you both again for being such amazing landlords. You've been so kind to me, I wish I didn't have to move away.

Thanks again..


Thanks for being so understanding with the move and its been really nice staying there whilst i've had all this going on. When my youngest came round for the first time, she said I like the hotel!!


Hi Louise, I just want to say thank you so so much for everything, Ive loved every second here and you've been amazing! Room is clean and tidy, just how I found it.

All the best


You're so lovely to care about your tenants as you do. It's quite unusual these days!! 

Lynda ( Our Cleaner) 

Thank you for being such understanding landlords. I loved my time here. Its so lovely  you wont struggle to fill the room! 


The people in my block are absolutely lovely and as I said before I'm sad to leave, if only I could pick up and move location lol 


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